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ZMI Arcadia Entertainment

As an artist centric group we work with artists to create unique legacies and developing last relationships and investing in new productions and material.

ZMI Arcadia is a music, audio and film production company. We also manage copyrights. The genesis of ZMI began in 2014 with Arcadia Music Publishing, resulting in the 2017 release featuring GRAMMY recognized producer Michael Startia and Jarobia from A Tribe Called Quest.


Officially ZMI Arcadia Entertainment was established in 2019, after a series of music catalog and film acquisitions. 


The group is managed by the original founders, Chad Hagan and Jim Eppelin, with leading industry associates and partners in Atlanta, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo.

ZMI Arcadia is multinational and headquartered in Amsterdam, with copyright administration, licensing and distribution in Amsterdam and production operations in London, England and Atlanta, USA.  

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